CEU Department of Medieval Studies Strengthens Ties with China

Faculty and doctoral students from the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU participated in a conference on Social control and the issues of scale hosted by Beijing Normal University on October 22-23. The conference was the latest result of the nearly five-year-long cooperation between the Department and the BNU School of History. Representatives of the Department agreed with BNU faculty to host the next conference in Budapest in 2018. In the meantime, the Department will work together with BNU on more faculty and doctoral student exchange programs, and explore the possibility of a joint project on interactions between state-level societies and politically less complex populations.

The Department of Medieval Studies at CEU strengthens ties with BNU School of History at conference on social control and the issues of scale. Photo: CEU Department of Medieval Studies

In the past five years, several CEU faculty have been invited to give lecture series at BNU, and CEU have hosted doctoral students from BNU for semester-long visits. A former BNU undergraduate recently graduated from the Department's two-year MA program.
Such collaborative programs boost the visibility of CEU around the world and in China in particular. This conference stimulated participating faculty and students to think about the permeability of the geographic and thought borders former scholarship tended to draw around the two regions.