How to Prepare Courses for the Winter Term on the E-learning Site (Moodle)

November 29, 2016

How to prepate courses for the Winter Term

Find the list of winter course on the e-learning site at (login with Novell username).

If a course has not been updated, send a request to E-learning and Web-based Academic Communications Support Specialist Gabor Acs ( with the name of the course, department, (optionally TA-s, co-teachers) and the course will be created.

If a course is recurring this year, use the “import” function to copy previous content to the current course or send Acs the details, and he will update the system for the current Academic Year.

Help about import

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How to add a co-teacher or TA?

Course accessibility

Notable new features

a) Turnitin assignments

The Turnitin assignment module has been merged with the native Moodle “Assignment” module. The default option is “disabled”, so change it to “Enabled” to use Turnitin with a particular assignment. When creating a new Assignment (or editing one copied from the last AY), set the “Enable Turnitin” option and all papers will be automatically uploaded to Turnitin as well. Find the Originality reports and the “Apple” icon of Grademark next to the submissions on the Grading Screen. The Grademark functionality is available from the Grading screen as a trial until Feb 19, 2017.

b) Access from Mobiles and Tablets - The Moodle Mobile app offers a new user-friendly view for students

c) New method to copy/paste text from MS Word with clean formatting. Reach this feature from the word processor of Moodle. When pasting text with the “paste from Word” button, all formatting will be erased (except bold, italic and underlined text).

d) Student folder – a new activity which enables students to share documents with each other effectively.

Read the details about new features here

Find detailed help about all important activities in the Help” section of the page, and the Quick start Guide covers the most important topics to get started.

Quick start guide (PDF).

For more information about the functionalities, request a quick training or consultation.

For more information, contact E-learning and Web-based Academic Communications Support Specialist, Gabor Acs at +36 1 327-3000 Ext. 2999 or

Computer and Statistics Center (Nador u. 11., 6th floor, room 606.) Office hours: 9:00 am - 5 pm