IT Helpdesk Available within CEU Library

The IT helpdesk has moved from the Faculty Tower basement to the CEU Library in Nador utca 15, room 405.

The helpdesk is available for all members of the CEU community visiting the Library. The opening hours match the Library's hours, IT staff are available 8am-10pm on weekdays, and 1pm-7pm at weekends.

CEU students are encouraged to use the increased quantity of large screen 'all-in-one' computers in the Library for individual work instead of the MA Computer Labs. In the long run, the Labs are planned to be made d available only for instruction, trainings or exams rather than for individual work.

Changes regarding the availability of MA computer labs for classes and exams

Once the reconstruction of Faculty tower starts (planned to start Jan-Feb 2017), the three MA labs (blue, green and yellow) in the basement of FT will be closed down. The Orange lab in the Monument building basement, and the lab on the 2nd floor of Oktober 6. u. 7. will be available uninterrupted.

IT are planning to move the computers from current labs to newly opened ones, one large (30 PCs) and one medium sized (20 PCs) lab will open simultaneously with the closure of FT labs (locations to be confirmed later).

The booking system will be updated as soon as the location of the new labs is confirmed.