CEU Philanthropy Day: Giving is Sweet

Nearly 200 members of the CEU community – students and alumni, faculty and staff – came together this month to learn just how sweet fundraising for good causes can be.

As part of CEU's fourth annual Philanthropy Day, on Friday, November 11, the community raised more than 180,000 HUF in support of student scholarships and refugee assistance.

Specifically, donors could support two funds: the CEU Alumni Scholarship Fund, part of the CEU Alumni Campaign, which this year has provided assistance for 25 students from around the world, and the Open Learning Initiative (OLive) which offers academic and non-academic courses to refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary.

As part of the event, under the slogan "Bake it Forward," volunteers prepared and dished up a variety of treats from around the world, including brownies, Lithuanian 'lazy cake', Serbian salty pie and more for our generous community.

Philanthropy Day was organized by the Alumni Relations and Student Life teams. Thanks to all who made it a success!