CEU Business School InnovationsLab Project Selected as “Preferred Enabling Partner” of Viber’s Public Accounts Chatbot Platform

https://forbes.hu/uzlet/a-skype-nagyik-is-szivesen-elcsevegnek-a-magyar-robotokkal/ - Hungarian news portal forbes.hu reports: Students of the CEU Business School in the CEU Business School InnovationsLab, Akos Deliaga and Gergely Kalydi, together with two other team members formed Talk-A-Bot, a start-up venture that was selected by Viber as an official “Preferred Enabling Partner” of Viber’s new Public Accounts chatbot platform. The article reveals how the founders of this 2016 startup started their venture, and what their future plans are. For more, see http://business.ceu.edu/talk-a-bot-selected-as-official-preferred-enabling-partner-of-viber?page=2

Further coverage item:

PC World (2.2.2017. pp.80-81. Top 10 hazai startup)