Catering in the N13 and N15 Buildings

Updates regarding catering possibilities within the two new buildings (N13 and N15):

Please take these details into consideration when planning an event with reception. Also, please note that food is not allowed in any rooms, beverages are only allowed in closed bottles, or in containers with closed lids (see University Policies: House Rules and Regulations and Space Booking Policy - CEU Novell login required).

Please note that like the rest of the campus the Rooftop Garden -including the Roof Event Area- is a non-smoking area.

Beside the Roof Event Area, the following five locations can be used for catering/reception purposes as following:

· N15 Lower Foyer
Located on the -1 level around the spiral staircase, can be booked in the booking system and is convenient for standing receptions –coffee breaks- for up to 70 guests and lunch breaks for up to 50 guests. Receptions for events in N15 103 Tiered, or in other N15 classrooms can be organized here and any (in house or external) caterer can be contracted. Although accessible from the public area –no visitor cards needed in case of open to public events-, it is well hidden. There are elevators and washrooms very near to this area.

· N15 Quantum Foyer
Located outside/in front of the Quantum room and functions the same way as Gellner Foyer, i.e. by booking the room the foyer is also booked. Can be used only for standing receptions –coffee breaks- for up to 50 guests with a special attention to classes/events in the neighboring rooms, i.e. 102. Any (in house or external) caterer can be contracted. This area is also accessible from the public area, elevators and washrooms are located at the other end of the corridor.

· N13 Atrium (Lobby)
This space is convenient for standing receptions –coffee breaks- for up to 300 guests and lunch breaks standing only with high top party tables for up to 200 guests. For events with over 300 guests, only coffee breaks are possible and it is suggested to set up catering parallel in the N13 Lobby and the Lower Foyer as well. Please note that for N13 Lobby access, CEU ID card is needed or a visitor card in case of external guest. For further details on visitor cards please contact the Front Office at N13 Lobby has not been entered into the booking system. For availability and setup possibilities contact

· N15 catering areas (ground floor and second floor)
Receptions can also be organized at the N15 ground floor and second floor catering areas except during lunch hours, i.e.: between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Both areas are accessible from the public area, while none of them has been entered into the booking system. For further details i.e.: availability and setup possibilities, please contact the caterers via