Call for Volunteers for English Tutoring at CEU

Dedicated volunteers are sought to participate in the January 20th session of the English Tutoring program for students of the Ambedkar Secondary School hosted at CEU. This project was initiated by Karoly Boroczky, head of the Department of Mathematics and its Applications, and is supported by the Civic Engagement Office, Roma Access Programs (RAP) and Human RightS Initiative (HRSI).

About the project: On each occasion, between 10-15 secondary school students participate in the English Tutoring Program, carried out at CEU. The students come to CEU one time per month until the end of the academic year (9 occasions in total), on a Friday, and spend the day learning English. These occasions are meant to prepare and help enable students to apply for further studies.

What do volunteers do? Volunteers teach English to the secondary school students in the framework of two separate tutoring sessions: a morning session and an afternoon session. The sessions are based on a curriculum that is provided to all volunteers.
· Morning Sessions: For these sessions, we are looking for volunteers who are able to teach students in a structured, formal way, focusing mostly on English grammar.
· Afternoon Sessions: For these sessions, we are looking for volunteers who would like to teach English in a conversational, less formal way, involving discussions and games.

How can you get involved? Please sign up for the January 20th session by clicking here. We will get in touch with you about the details of your session shortly.

How can volunteers benefit? Volunteers will have the chance to get to know and interact with members of the wider Hungarian society, practice English teaching, and contribute to positive social change in Hungary. Additionally, participants can record their volunteer hours at the Civic Engagement Office's Track your hours! program.