CEU Shows Solidarity with Hospitalized PhD Student

January 31, 2017

In spring 2016, a CEU doctoral student unexpectedly fell into a coma while visiting family at home in Armenia and has remained in coma since. The student’s family is looking after him and making every effort to provide for his hospitalization and medical care. Unfortunately, the condition of the student has not improved and this is taking a toll on the family finances. By now, it’s become impossible for the family to continue financing the medical attention that the student needs.

CEU leadership appealed to members of the CEU community to make individual contributions, with the hope of covering at least a part of the cost of providing medical care for the student. CEU as an institution also made a contribution. We hope that the generosity of CEU faculty, staff, and students will enable us to raise the necessary funds.

With a large number of generous contributions by CEU employees and fellow students, matched by the University, up to this point the following sums have been donated:

931,040 HUF

6,052 EUR

93 USD

The donations have been transferred to the family of our colleague. We understand this will be sufficient to ensure proper medical care for a few months. Should the need arise, the appeal for further support will be renewed later this year.

Donations in cash are welcome at the Finance Office Cash desk, during working hours, or by wire transfer on the following accounts:

Beneficiary: Central European University Foundation Budapest

Address: 1051-Budapest, Nador u. 9.

Bank name: CIB Bank Zrt.

Bank address: 1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.


IBAN account numbers for

donations in HUF: HU89 11100104-19677196-10000001

donations in EUR: HU03 11100104-19677196-17000002

donations in USD: HU55 11100104-19677196-11000004

Please indicate the following in the comment field: Donation for medical support for CEU PhD student in coma

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to arrange for deductions from salaries or stipends (a formal contract or grant modification would be required in each case). Donations are collected under the supervision of a committee including the department head where the student is enrolled, three PhD students, and the Dean of Students. The same committee oversees the actual disbursement of the amount collected, keep written records, and distribute a report to all members of the community who have made a contribution.