Hanak and TIGY Rooms Reopen in New Location

January 31, 2017

What was formerly called Monument Building 203 has been named the TIGY room and what was formerly called Monument Building 201 has been named the Hanak room.

The two rooms that originally carried these names were discontinued last spring due to ongoing campus reconstruction. Both rooms are named after individuals who were respected and well-known members of the CEU community, who passed away while still serving the University.

Hanak room is named after Peter Hanak (1927 – 1997), a historian of 19th and early 20th century social, cultural and European history. Hanak also worked at the Historical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and was visiting professor at Yale and Columbia universities among others. He was among the intellectuals who started conceptualizing CEU and its mission back in the 1980s Dubrovnik summer schools and became the first Head of the History Department.

TIGY room is named after Istvan Gyorgy Toth (1956 – 2005), who was called TIGY (abbreviation of his name, to be pronounced as [tidj]) by friends and colleagues. He was an internationally respected historian, Professor of History at the Central European University, and Senior Research Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He started teaching at the History Department in 1991. His research focus included the history of literacy, written and oral culture as well as confessional and religious life in Early Modern Europe.

The room booking system has been updated to reflect these changes.