Senate Decisions Enter into Force

January 31, 2017

The policy modifications approved by the CEU Senate at its November 25, 2016 meeting have entered into force. The Senate adopted a substantially revised and updated Personal Data Protection Policy, and also approved modifications to the Student Travel and Research Grant Policy and the Non-Degree Student Policy.

The summary of modifications is provided below. All policies can be accessed online at the CEU Document Repository at Log in with Novell ID and password to be able to view the documents.

Summary of policy modifications:

Personal Data Protection Policy

This policy has undergone substantial revisions and updates in order to reflect the current legal requirements. The policy has also been renamed from ‘Data Protection Policy’ to ‘Personal Data Protection Policy’. The policy covers the university procedures of collecting and using personal data of its students, faculty, and staff; legal requirements with respect of transfer of some personal data to national authorities; as well as obligations with respect to collecting and using personal data for scientific research (the latter are cross-referenced in the CEU’s Ethical Research Policy).

Student Travel and Research Grant Policy

Clarifications have been introduced to the policy with respect to student eligibility for the summer and winter school grants, specifically: – doctoral students have preference in receiving summer and winter school grants; and – a limit has been introduced on how many times a student can receive the grant (summer school grant twice, and winter school grant once in the course of enrollment). Well-argued exceptions will be considered by the Scholarship Advisory Committee.

Non-Degree Student Policy

The modified policy now includes requirements for two new non-degree initiatives for refugees, the OLIve UP and OLIve WP. Eligibility criteria for visiting students have been broadened to include also undergraduate students. Distinction between degree and non-degree credits has been introduced, whereby in cases when the courses taken by visiting students do not form a part of a CEU degree program, the credits will be listed in the transcript as ‘non-degree’ credits. A reference to the CEU ID card policy was added, which contains further details on the type of ID card and associated privileges for different categories of non-degree students.