Call for Proposals for Intellectual Themes Initiative Projects

CEU academic staff members are invited to submit proposals for new teaching, research, or civic engagement projects starting in AY 17/18 under the fourth call of the Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI). The next deadline for submission of project proposals is April 28, 2017.

At the suggestion of the Strategic Development Committee, we would like to mention that ITI is a privileged vehicle for developing and offering university-wide courses.

CEU launched the Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI) to support new and innovative projects that would to help bring together various parts of the University. The initiative encourages cross-disciplinary activities in the areas of teaching, research, and civic engagement. The initiative is built around four themes that serve as federative platforms encompassing a range of activities.

The themes are:

• Social Mind
• Inequalities and Social Justice
• Energy and Society
• Governance

Groups of faculty, researchers, and students are invited to submit proposals under one of the four themes. Due to very low number of proposals under Governance, this is the last call featuring this theme. It is expected that a new theme will be added next year.

An initial budget of EUR100,000 per year per theme (a total of EUR400,000 per year) has been allocated for ITI. All expenses directly related to the projects are eligible. This excludes salaries for personnel who are already in a contractual relationship with CEU. Please also note that the main purpose of the initiative is to support collaborative efforts of the current staff across academic units, and not to create new positions at CEU (be those permanent, temporary, part-time, or full-time).

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