Computer Labs to Be Moved

Due to the refurbishment of Faculty Tower adjustments will be made to the computer labs’ size and location. The moves will take place on February 25, 2017.

  • Blue Lab (currently in FT basement) moves to Oktober 6 street 6/7 4th floor: new capacity will be 30 workstations
  • Green Lab (currently in FT basement) moves to Oktober 6 street 12 1st floor: new capacity will be 20 workstations
  • Yellow lab (currently in FT basement) will be closed
  • Orange lab (in MB basement) will remain in place and available for use
  • PhD lab (currently in Oktober 6 street 6/7) will move to Oktober 6 street 12: There will be one lab on the 3rd floor with 8 workstations, and three labs on the 5th floor with 7, 7, and 4 workstations respectively for a total of 26.

We encourage all students to use the increased quantity of large-screen ‘all-in-one’ computers in the Library for individual work instead of the MA Computer Labs. In the long run, the Labs are envisioned to be available only for instruction, trainings or exams rather than for individual work.