DeStress Week was the Best Week

How do I know I picked the right university? Let me tell you.

One day last semester, I slept just three hours trying to finish a paper; my mailbox was full of reminders of assignments, projects, and deadlines; I didn't even want to look at them because I knew that they were the source of my headache; and I was so overwhelmed I forgot to eat.
Then I received a message that the next day, DeStress Week, organized by CEU Student Leadership and Service Office, was starting. I ignored it because there were just too many things going on in my mind. The next morning, I entered the university to see people offering hot tea and cookies. This was exactly what I needed since I had woken up too late to have a good breakfast. Thankful, I smiled back, and ran to my class.

DeStress Week featured playing around with adorable Labradors. Photo: Zhuldyz Zhunussova

On my break, I saw a board full of wishes. "Harmony" was the word that caught my attention. I smiled and carried on. Then I received another message from Student Leadership and Service Office. This time I didn't ignore it. I opened it with excitement and read what other things were going on: find serenity of mind with morning meditation; attend workshops like mindfulness or even hypnosis; release tension with a free massage; get a taste of wine after long evening classes; or enjoy a classical ensemble concert. And probably the most exciting thing of all was an afternoon of hugging and playing with five cute Golden Retriever dogs!

The next morning, I started my day with a free yoga class at the CEU sports center, and I was ready to rock all of my courses. Looking back, I realized that I really was letting the stress get to me. To my surprise, even small things like knitting or coloring made me feel much better. Finally, the week couldn't have ended better than with the CEU Philanthropy Day, with homemade international pastries baked by students ranging from the US to Kazakhstan. And what stress could I talk about after playing around with adorable Golden Retrievers? It proved once again that I chose the right university!

 by Zhuldyz Zhunussova (IR '17, Kazakhstan)