What's New About the New CEU Library?

Generally speaking, a library is the only place that guarantees peace and quiet in our busy and loud world. On CEU's active campus, the new CEU Library does just that and more.

For me and many students, the library is not only for reading, but for writing. Some people prefer to make their own small study spaces in their home, but I prefer to write my assignments in the library. With its extraordinary facilities, the CEU Library has become my second home.
Much of the new building on CEU's campus makes use of natural lighting, but unlike the other areas, the Library has a view of the Danube, and the natural lighting beautifully compliments the wooden frames found all along the walls and the body of the building.

At first glance, I was fascinated by so many things. First, by its size and decorations. The Library's warmth feels likes a home that encourages us to stay until closing time, whether to read books or to write assignments, but we're able to concentrate much more here compared to staying at home. Second, by the variety of books and the well-organized archives distributed by field and department: when I search on the Library's website for any keywords, it doesn't only bring up different links, but also shows me the exact place of books, which actually makes me trust the Library. Third, by how easy borrowing and lending is, with email reminders and the ability to renew books online, which reflects how technology is already saving us time. Finally, by the private study rooms with smart boards which can be reserved in advance by students. There're plenty of them so that you often find one is available to step inside for a quick chat with a classmate.

Central European University has presented us with unprecedented opportunity through the new Library. I'm sure the recent changes to the CEU Library will reflect positively on the students' performances. From the study rooms looking out over the balconies to the reading lounges with views of the city, all of us students here at CEU are enjoying the services and spaciousness of it. The new Library is easily my favorite building on campus.

 by Palden Tso (IR '17, Tibet)