Center for Policy Studies Joins Countering Islamophobia Research Project

Zsuzsanna Vidra, research fellow at CEU’s Center for Policy Studies, participates in a research project focusing on Countering Islamophobia through the Development of Best Practice in the use of Counter-Narratives in EU Member States. The project, led by the University of Leeds, received € 584,739.31 funding for the six partner institutions from European Commission’s Directorate General Justice and Consumers, and will run for 24 months starting in January 2017. 

The overall aim of the project is to compare the operation of counter-narratives to Muslim hatred in eight EU member states in order to examine their use and effectiveness in terms of providing alternatives to prevailing narratives of hate and hostility and reducing racism. This involves assessing prevailing narratives of Muslim hatred and the local, national and international environments in which they operate, identifying the content, utilization and impact of counter-narratives in each member state context and comparing their operation and outcomes in order to identify best practice in the form of a Toolkit of Counter-Narratives.

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