Invitation and Call for Participation in "Hate Speech" Monologues

February 28, 2017

Members of the CEU community are invited to the fifth yearly performance of the "Hate Speech" Monologues on March 13, Monday at 7 PM in the Nador 15 Auditorium. The performance is open to the public.

As it is a participatory performance, the call for participation is still open, including faculty and staff. To join the performing cast, contact Peter Molnar at

Besides sharing own stories, poems, dance, or other performances on stage, all other contributions are also very much welcome.

The "Hate Speech" Monologues is a multicultural theater that engages us in reflection on "hate speech" and prejudices in societies we live in - including our own prejudices. It is performed by CEU community members and Peter Molnar who invented the "Hate Speech" Monologues at CEU in 2012 and has directed it since then. The “Hate Speech” Monologues have been supported by the Student Union since 2014, and by the CEU Humanities Initiative since 2016.

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