Relocations from the Faculty Tower Completed

February 28, 2017

The following relocations took place in February:

The Department of Political Science moved from Faculty Tower to Oktober 6 utca 12 3rd and 4th floor, the Department of Medieval Studies moved from Faculty Tower to Oktober 6 utca 12 2nd floor, the Department of International Relations will move from Faculty Tower to Vigyazo Ferenc utca, the Copyshop moved from Faculty Tower to Oktober 6 utca 12 ground floor, the Human RightS initiative moved from the Passageway to Nador utca 11 room 309, the Campus Redevelopment Office moved from Faculty Tower to Oktober 6 utca 12 5th floor.

Computer Labs

•Blue Lab moved to Oktober 6 utca 7 4th floor room 441: new capacity is 30 workstations

•Green Lab moved to Oktober 6 utca 12 1st floor room 112: new capacity will be 20 workstations

•Yellow lab is closed

•Orange lab (in MB basement) remains in place and is available for use

•Shared PhD lab room 441/A moved to Oktober 6 utca 12 split to multiple rooms: There is one new shared lab on the 3rd floor room 302 with 8 workstations, and three new shared labs on the 5th floor with 7, 7, and 4 workstations respectively for a total increased capacity of 26, room numbers 502, 503 and 504. Any personal belongings left in the lab has been transferred to Oktober 6 street 12 room 503.

•Other three PhD labs currently located on 4th floor of Oktober 6 street 7 will remain at their current locations, uninterrupted. Lab 441/B can be accessed through 441/C.

In parallel to this change, Blue lab will have new desks and chairs. Over the coming months, a further pre-planned change will be the replacement of monitors of all PhD labs to larger ones.

All students are encouraged to use the increased quantity of large-screen ‘all-in-one’ computers in the Library for individual work instead of the MA Computer Labs. In the long run, the Labs are envisioned to be available only for instruction, trainings or exams rather than for individual work.

Two rooms have been renamed in Nador 15. Room 102 has become the Nimetz Classrom (102) and room 105 has become the Nadosy Family Classroom (105).  Read more about the background of Nimetz classroom here.

Campus tours will be organized monthly in the Winter and Spring semesters:

Length of the tour: about an hour

Meeting Point: in front of main entrance of Nador 15

Date: Friday, March 3, 10.30 – 11.30 a.m.

Sign up: Please register for a tour using this Doodle link (please note a maximum 25 people can participate in one tour):