Support CEU Projects with 1% of Personal Income Tax

February 28, 2017

Every year taxpayers in Hungary have the opportunity to designate 1% of their previous year’s (already paid) taxes to an approved charity of their choosing. The CEU community is encouraged to participate in this national philanthropic effort.

To support this, HRO provides detailed information on how to submit individual 1% declarations (log in with Novell ID and password to view this page). The full list of approved charities can be found here.

There are two deadlines to participate: Monday, March 20 for those whose taxes are prepared by CEU; and Monday, May 22 for those who wish to self-prepare their taxes.

The University is grateful for the many contributions of time and talent that members of the community make every day to CEU. Many CEU employees and friends of the University choose to contribute their 1% to CEU. Last year, over 1,770,000 HUF was designated to CEU through the 1%, helping to support CEU’s civic engagement priorities including our Open Learning Initiative for refugees, the Roma graduate training and education programs, the redevelopment of our campus, and public programs that benefit the entire community. Funds raised for CEU through this year’s 1% will continue to support these and other initiatives central to our mission.

Members of the community are welcome to pass this message along to anyone who may wish to support CEU in this way. Instructions on how to designate the 1% to CEU or to another approved organization are available at

The Civic Engagement Office and Development Office will have staff info tables during the afternoon of  March 9 (Nador 15, Estratto Cafe) to answer questions and help prepare declarations. Contact Krisztina Moricz ( in Development or the Payroll Team ( in Human Resources with any questions.