Volunteer Opportunity at Bankito Lake Summer Festival

Bankito, Hungary’s biggest socially conscious festival will be held this year July 12-16 with the topic of corruption taking center stage. Those who are interested in social inequalities, have experience in working with vulnerable, oppressed groups or simply have some ideas on how one could convey such issues to the average festival goer in an accessible way, are welcome to volunteer.


- state corruption, politics: „which you look at from afar”

- institutional corruption, inequalities: „which plague your everyday life”

- everyday corruption: „the one that you are part of”


- projects

- program ideas

- place-specific installations that also serve as decorations for the space

- performances

so really anything, that calls attention to corruption

The program or installation should in some way be connected to the topic of corruption - participants can decide whether it's about stitch-up and transparency, oppression and equality, solidarity and self-interest, betrayal and safety etc.

Deadline for submission: Wednesday, March 1.