Three Reasons I Love Living in CEU's Residence Center

Living at the CEU Residence Center has been an incredible experience for three reasons: first, the view; second, the communal kitchen; and third, the fitness center. Let me tell you why.

The view is one og the things alumni scholarship recipient Sanjay Sharma values the most in living in the CEU Residence Center. Photo: Sanjay Sharma

I have a room facing east on the ninth floor of the dormitory. The view from there is perfect. Not only can I see the whole horizon, but if I get up early, I can catch the sunrise as well. Because I like to take a lot of photos, the view from the dorm serves me perfectly. When it snowed the other day, I just had to photograph the small houses in the neighborhood under their snow-capped roofs and smoking chimneys. I sometimes use a friend's room to take time-lapse videos of the sunset. Among many places on earth that I have visited, the sunset from Budapest on a clear day is one of the best.

In the communal kitchens of the CEU Residence Center you not only get to meet people from other departments and countries, but you can occasionally taste their own exquisite cuisine, says alumni scholarship recipient Sanjay Sharma. Photo: Sanjay Sharma

The second great thing about dorm life for me are the communal kitchens on each floor. This is a place where you not only get to meet people from other departments and countries, but you can occasionally taste their own exquisite cuisine. The tastiest so far for me has been the Turkish Kisir (or "sarma içi") and the Georgian Sulguni cheese. The kitchen is another place to socialize with other CEU students when you go there to cook or heat up your food or perhaps just to chat while procrastinating on your readings. Despite our different backgrounds, there are two things we all share that we can always empathize over: being busy here at CEU and aspiring to be a better person when we finish our studies here.

Finally, the fitness center located right inside the dormitory inspires me to stay fit and at the same time relieve tension and stay positive. I make regular use of the gym and the swimming pool, but I admit that I haven't tried the sauna yet. Because the fitness center is just a few steps away, it motivates me to go there for at least a couple of minutes almost every day. I love to see that there are a lot of students and staff who regularly visit the fitness center, and it's another great place to meet new friends in the CEU community. It is this community that inspires me to keep both my body and mind in positive shape.

[[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]] by Sanjay Sharma (POLS '17, Nepal)