Call for Participation in Student-led CEU Inclusive Project

The CEU Inclusive Project is organized by the CEU Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) in coordination with other CEU offices and bodies. The project is geared towards strengthening the accessibility of CEU facilities for students and staff with disabilities. To this end, ASRs are carrying out an audit of physical accessibility of CEU premises and the residence center from a user-based perspective. On the basis of the field research and collected accounts of user experiences, they aim to highlight existing good practices and make suggestions for further improvement, in particular with regard to continuing campus redevelopment.

CEU presents itself as a community strongly committed to diversity, paying due attention to inclusiveness and the specific needs of different individuals. The CEU Inclusive Project aims to help CEU live up to these values. The final outputs of the project will include:
 - a report on the strengths and weaknesses of CEU facilities as regards physical accessibility, including suggestions for further improvement. The report will be distributed to the CEU offices.
- an information brochure with user-based narratives serving for better orientation of persons with disabilities who visit CEU campuses. The information brochure will be available on the CEU website.

Participation: Members of the CEU community are invited to give suggestions on the methodology, implementation and potential further use of this project for the CEU community. In particular persons with disabilities are encouraged to participate and to provide critical feedback on the project.

As part of the project activities, the ASRs will interview students with different access needs. Members of the CEU community interested in sharing their stories are encouraged to contact the organizers.

For more information or to make suggestions, contact:

Rados Keravica:

Zuzana Pavelkova:

Ernst Zelayandia-Gonzalez: