CEU Demands Corrections From Origo on Falsehoods in Article

CEU is demanding an immediate correction, with threat of legal penalties, to the defamatory article that has appeared in Origo containing outright falsehoods about our operation, based on a leaked report from the Education Ministry, that the ministry has not had the courtesy to share with us.

The paragraph in question refers to us as “the Soros university.” Our name is Central European University. The claim that we do not have program accreditation is entirely false. The claim that we have failed to meet our obligations regarding data to official public registry is also false. Our masters and doctoral programs are accredited with the Hungarian authorities, as well as by the State of New York and the university’s accreditation is overseen by the Middle States commission which certifies American institutions like Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. Only last week we received oral confirmation from officials in the Education Department that our re-licensing under existing Hungarian law was proceeding normally.

The claim that we engage in any type of “concrete fraud” is a libel, damaging to our long-established reputation as one of Hungary’s finest academic institutions. We demand that Origo publish a full retraction of these outrageous falsehoods, on pain of legal penalties.

CEU is a private and independent institution. Many of our degree programs in the social sciences and humanities rank in the world’s top 200, and many in the top 100, some in the top 50. CEU faculty are remarkably successful in earning research grant funding from the European Union and other grant-making organizations in competitive tenders held across Europe or across the globe. CEU is also the university in Hungary that has been most successful in securing prestigious grants from the European Research Council (ERC). From 2011-2016, CEU received €6,955,221 in ERC grants. For 2017-2022, the University will receive €14,988,163 in ERC grants.

CEU has a reputation which should make Hungarians proud. We employ Hungarian professors; we have recruited many notable Hungarian scholars back home from posts overseas; our largest component in our student body consists of Hungarian students. We are proud of our reputation, proud of our contribution to Hungarian academic life for the past 25 years and we will defend our achievements vigorously against anyone who seeks to defame our work in the eyes of the Hungarian people.