Sound Relations - Possibilities for Participation: Faculty, Students and Staff

March 28, 2017

The two-year long ITI funded project Sound Relations - Transgressions, Disruptions, Transformations has just entered its third month. We’d like to take the opportunity to let all members of the CEU community know about the ways they can get involved in the project. Sound Relations offers the opportunity to make your own podcasts, whereas the CEU Podcast is a product of the CEU Communications Office for external promotion of CEU research, cultural life and civic engagement projects. 

The raison d'être of the Sound Relations is a belief that whether as a method, a medium, or as a way of mediating knowledge sound has the ability to transgress disciplinary boundaries, disrupt ways of knowing that have been overly reliant on sight, and transform the ways in which academia is practiced, both inside and outside the university. As such, we are harnessing sound’s transformative potential with a series of interdisciplinary activities to produce original research; equip CEU students, researchers and faculty with the ability to use sound in their teaching, learning and research; and to disseminate CEU’s exceptional research through the University’s podcast library ( - launching in September 2017). For more information click here or here.

The project involves various centres, departments, faculty, staff and students (see below), but there are numerous ways for all members of CEU to benefit from our activities.

Possibilities for Participation: Faculty and Staff

- podcast your research: create original academic podcasts, podcast about your previously published research, promote upcoming publications to an academic audience, or collate and edit your recorded lectures. We can help you with everything from content structuring, to scripting, to recording to editing. Contact:

We are currently working with faculty from various departments.

- modify class components: redesign your course to allow students to replace written tasks with audio assignments which can then be public podcast series. For help, advice or brainstorming contact Dumitrita Holdis: or Ian Cook

Currently being trialed within IR, SPP and Gender courses, with plans for Sociology and History classes next year.

- attend hands-on faculty consultations: on using audio technologies for teaching and learning. Contact: Helga or Swapna Kumar:

Planned for the Spring semester

Possibilities for Participation: Students

- Sound–Resounds: Research and Sonic Production from Blinken Open Society Archives’ Sound Collections. An opportunity for two CEU students to spend three funded months within Blinken OSA’s most sonically dynamic archives. The research will require the exploration and study of audio collections and will lead to the production of original audio materials. The job advertisement is awaiting formal approval. Informal interest is strongly encouraged. Contact Ian Cook: CookI@spp.ceu.eduor Dumitrita Holdis:

- Audio Diaries: a six-month project in which post-comprehensive PhD students document their research via a series of audio diaries. See call for participation here or contact Helga Dorner:

- Sound Studies: Technology, Culture, Media (2 credit university wide course)

Offered fall 2017 and fall 2018

Possibilities for Participation: Open for All

- Audio Files podcasting workshop: learn to structure, record, edit and distribute your podcast in this intensive 5 session workshop led by CEU faculty & staff alongside external audio professionals. Contact:

Offered Winter 2017 and Winter 2018.

- Sound Studies Reading & Listening Group: an interdisciplinary and participant-led exploration into the cultural, social, political and material dimensions of sound and listening. To join fill in this form:

We currently meet Thursdays at 1:30 at the CTL

-  record, podcast, create: we are looking to work with any individuals or groups who want to use sound in creative and meaningful ways. Come check out our amazing new studio! We’re all ears: contact Ian Cook: or Dumitrita Holdis

The project is a cooperation between the Center for Media, Data and Society, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Blinken Open Society Archives and several academic departments at the Central European University and is funded by CEU’s Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI).

Core members

Helga Dorner (Center for Teaching and Learning), Project Leader

Ian M. Cook (Center for Media, Data and Society), Project and research management, conceptual overview and implementation / Podcast production, curation of podcast series

Dumitrita Holdis (Center for Media, Data and Society), Project management / Podcast production, curation of podcast series

Project members

Cameran Ashraf (School of Public Policy)

Eva Bognar (Center for Media, Data and Society)

Jeremy Braverman (Mirabaud Media Lab/Visual Studies Platform)

Marius Dragomir (Center for Media, Data and Society)

Tamas Kiss (Medieval Studies/Digital Humanities Initiative)

Alexandra Kowalski (Sociology and Social Anthropology)

Jessie Labov (Center for Media, Data and Society/Digital Humanities Initiative)

Andrea Peto (Gender Studies)

Sara Svenson (School of Public Policy/Center for Policy Studies)

Sara Swerdlyk (Sociology and Social Anthropology)

Csaba Szilagyi (The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archive