CLARIFICATION: Hungary’s Education Authority Confirms 17 Programs Conform To Hungarian Law

Budapest, March 31 – The notification received from Hungary’s Educational Authority that CEU New York meets conditions for operations in Hungary under the current National Higher Education Act, described in a press release earlier today, refers to CEU’s submission of 17 programs for examination by the Educational Authority. The audit of all CEU programs currently underway, which is not yet complete, also examines the conditions set out by Article 76 (1) of Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, and CEU expects the Authority to conclude that the University conforms to all current legislation.

The notification states:

CEU NY is a higher education institution recognized according to the internal law of the United States of America and holds a right to issue degrees, therefore it complies with,” the Hungarian Center for Equivalency and Information of the Educational Authority said in a letter to the Higher Education Registration Department of the Educational Authority which was received formally by CEU. Article 76 (1) of the Act provides the conditions under which a foreign institution can deliver programs in Hungary.

The letter also confirms that “Central European University holds a state accreditation issued by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education of the State of New York, therefore, it is a higher education institution recognized according to the laws of the United States of America. The programs as well as the degrees issued in these programs provided by the institution on the territory of Hungary are equivalent to state-recognized higher education programs (diplomas).”

Hungarian press release: