ELTE’s Leadership Supports CEU

April 3, 2017

CEU is an integral, irreplacable member of Hungarian  higher education, and should stay in Budapest, writes ELTE’s University Leadership Conference in a statement published today at elte.hu.

Eotvos Lorand University’s statement regarding Central European University.

"For more than a decade, several faculties and colleges of advanced studies of ELTE have been and are in close cooperation with departments of Central European University. Several of our faculty teaches or taught at both universities, many of our faculty has degrees from Central European University. The library of Medieval Studies has found its home in the building of ELTE’s Faculty of Humanities, and CEU’s library is open to our students. Conversely the University Library of ELTE is welcoming CEU’s students and faculty. Faculties of the two universities have cooperated in countless projects, have applied for grants together, many of our workshops have developed close working relationships. There is a recently renewed agreement of cooperation between the universities.

CEU matters to us, our relationship based on reciprocity, impartiality and on the tradition of unrestricted scientific inquiry is personal, collegiate and hopefully long-term.

Events of recent days have filled us with deep concern: based on our experience we are convinced that CEU is deeply integrated into the system of Hungarian higher education, it is an irreplaceable part of it, and it has to stay that way – here, in Budapest. Political or ideological battles should have nothing to do with the academic world, which is scientific quality, independent education and the tradition of unrestricted autonomy of research that goes back to centuries.

We put our hopes in discourse aiming at legal certainty, neutrality of competition, based on arguments and facts: and naturally we unconditionally participate in it.

Approved by ELTE’s University Leadership Conference on April 3, 2017. The statement was joined by the Self Governing Body of the Doctoral Students of ELTE"