Former NY Governor, CEU Trustee Pataki Supports CEU

April 4, 2017

CEU received the following statement of support from CEU Trustee and former Governor of New York George Pataki April 4, 2017:

"As a former Governor of New York, where CEU is incorporated, and as an American with deep roots in Hungary, I am writing to raise my voice in defense of a world-class university. In 2004, I was honored to sign an agreement with the prime minister of Hungary, which enabled the recognition of CEU as a Hungarian university. Over the past 25 years, CEU has made substantial contributions to Hungarian-US relations, to the education of several generations of outstanding scholars and professionals in Central Europe and beyond, and to the production of advanced knowledge in the social sciences and humanities. CEU is an asset for Hungary and any attack against its institutional autonomy and academic freedom would be a serious setback for Hungarian higher education and impact future of relations between our two countries."