CEU Sends Memo to President of Hungary Outlining Unconstitutional Nature of Legislation on Higher Education

Budapest, April 5, 2017 – Central European University (CEU) today sent a memorandum to President of Hungary Janos Ader outlining the unconstitutional nature of the amendments to Hungary’s Higher Education Law passed yesterday in Parliament. Hungary’s constitution is commonly known as the Basic Law. 

To summarize, after extensive legal review, CEU asserts that the way the new legislation was adopted is contrary to Section B) (1) of the Basic Law of Hungary, and consequently, the entire law is contrary to the Basic Law. Furthermore, Sections 1., 2. and 7. of the Bill are contrary to Section X (1) of the Basic Law on freedom of academic research, studies and education. They are contrary to Section XI of the Basic Law on the right to culture. They are also contrary to Section XV (2) of the Basic Law on the prohibition of discrimination. Section 4 of the Bill is also contrary to Section B) (1) of the Basic Law of Hungary. 

We attach a copy of the letter and the memo to this release.