Decorated Hungarian Author Peter Nadas Reaches Out to Hungarian President Ader in Support of CEU

On April 7, decorated Hungarian novelist, playwright and essayist Peter Nadas wrote a letter of support for CEU to Hungarian President Janos Ader. 

Nadas writes, "I am requesting you not to lend support with your signature to the anti-CEU legislation that has reached your desk. In essence, I am asking you to apply the principle of “less is more” to the case at hand.  For in my view, it is a rare opportunity in the life of a head of state that with the omission of a single stroke of a pen he should be able to do so much for the political community the unity of which he is called to embody." 

The full letter is attached below in both English and Hungarian. 

Photo credit on CEU home page: Niccolo Caranti