Czech Rectors Conference Send Letter of Solidarity

The Czech Rectors Conference has expressed their concern "about the latest reports related to the possible termination of the activities carried out by the Central European University (CEU) based in Budapest," in a letter sent to CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff. 

CEU "represents a significant position in the present-day Central European academic and scientific area, and in the field of humanities, it ranks among the finest educational institutions in Europe. For 25 years, this University of liberal orientation has supported democratic processes and cultivated civil society in the Central European region. A number of Czech universities have been developing close and fruitful cooperation with Central European University, which could be threatened in the coming future. 

The Czech Rectors Conference appreciates the scientific and social role of Central European University and asks the Government of Hungary to foster the creation of such legislative conditions that would allow the smooth functioning of the Central European University in Budapest again."

The full letter is available in the attachment.