International Studies Association (ISA) Supports CEU

The International Studies Association (ISA), the world’s largest association of scholars in the field, has been watching the developments surrounding higher education and regulations regarding research universities in Hungary with increasing concern. The recent announcements on this matter, which appear to be singling out the Central European University (CEU), are of great concern for many ISA members. As decisions are made in the coming days and weeks, we strongly encourage the Hungarian government to act in accordance with the principle of academic freedom, a principle we hold sacrosanct.

ISA has many members throughout Europe, including at CEU, and we consider it our duty to join other concerned professional bodies in monitoring this situation. Many ISA members have long-term, fruitful collaborations and interactions with colleagues and students at CEU and we hope that they will be able to continue these. We fear, however, that the legislative actions could effectively end those interactions.