Department of Women's Studies at the University of Maryland Supports CEU

Our department at the University of Maryland has a long-standing relationship with CEU, and, as a result, we have seen—and benefited from—the important scholarly and pedagogical work conducted at this now-renowned educational institution. Faculty in the Gender Studies Department at CEU were among the participants in a Ford-Foundation-sponsored Consortium organized by our department years ago, and a number of the faculty from CEU's Gender Studies Department came to Maryland during successive summers for curriculum transformation institutes conducted by our department’s Professor Deborah Rosenfelt… These ongoing and fruitful exchanges over many years have convinced our department that CEU is a crucially significant institution of higher education. The M.A. students in the Gender Studies Department come from all over Eastern Europe, and the department participates in an EU program that sends CEU’s students to other EU universities and in turn receives students from Western European universities for part of their program of study. The Gender Studies Department at CEU, in other words, is a major hub for the study of women and gender across Europe.