Vilnius University Supports CEU

The CEU has always been a valued member of the international academic community and is worldwide known as an important centre of excellence shaping the landscape of higher education in Humanities and Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe. CEU's Hungarian and foreign lecturers, researchers and students have been active members of the national and international professional endeavours. The university had a crucial impact on the minds of individuals in the post-Soviet era by training a new generation of visionary scholars and academics. Many of the presently active Lithuanian academics have studied at CEU, while Lithuanian universities have drawn from its experience and still maintain close ties based on mutual trust and respect.

Restriction on operational conditions of the CEU or, even worse, its closure, would be a loss not only for lecturers, researchers and students of CEU, but for the whole professional scientific and academic community of the region and Europe.

The letter was signed by the University's Rector and three others.