Hungarian Secondary Schools In Support of CEU

April 13, 2017

Close to 40 teachers of Fazekas Mihaly Elementary and Secondary School – one of Hungary’s most prestigious secondary schools – have signed an open letter to Hungary’s President Janos Ader, asking him not to sign the amendment of the Hungarian higher education law. Teachers of Fazekas Secondary School have voiced their dismay at the passing of the law, saying that “any intention at limiting academic freedom is unacceptable and may create a frightful precedent.”

38 teachers and members of staff of another highly respected secondary school, Kolcsey Ferenc Secondary School, have joined to sign their version of Fazekas’s letter. Students of Kolcsey have also formed the initials of Central European University in the school’s courtyard to express their support. 

32 teachers of another prestigious Budapest secondary school, Szent István Secondary School aslo joined to sign the open letter.

CEU is deeply grateful for these brave and honest expressions of solidarity for CEU’s fight for academic freedom.