Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Praha)  Supports CEU

This university has historically been used to uncertainty. It was already once kicked out from Prague in the first half of the 1990s. Professor Jiří Musil with whom I talked when I enrolled in CEU fifteen years ago said that Budapest gained a lot. CEU has been beneficial to an organisation like ours, too. Not only have we had the pleasure to employ several CEU graduates in our NGO, but we have also had the privilege to benefit from a number of expert collaborators who have also graduated from CEU's anthropology, sociology or international relations departments. They have, amongst others, contributed to critical debates on migration in Central Europe which are published on our website Therefore, it is no surprise that CEU is mentioned 839 times at this website. This year we are preparing a project also with a few graduates of CEU, which aims at looking for common interests between local and migrant workers in Central and Southern European states. This is exactly the opposite from what Fidesz and other right-wing populist political parties want with their nationalist rhetoric that divides our communities into an "us" and a "them". On Saturday at 2 P.M. there will be a protest in Prague in support of the Central European University. We will be there. If you are in Prague, join us or use other ways to support academic freedoms and civil society in Hungary.