Vilnius University, Faculty of Philosophy Supports CEU

The CEU is a valued member of the international academic community and an important center of excellence that forms a particularly significant part of the Central and Eastern European landscape of higher education in humanities and social sciences. Not only CEU’s current Hungarian and foreign lecturers, researchers and students are active members of the national and international professional scene, but also many of the presently active Lithuanian academics and institutions in the social sciences and humanities have studied or cooperated with or otherwise benefited from the activities of the CEU in the recent past and continue to do so.

Restricting the operating conditions of the institution or its possible closing would be a loss not only for lecturers, researchers and students of CEU, but for all of us, the professional scientific community in the region. The government's proposed legislation to alter its statute of operation in Hungary would compromise its academic freedom and set a dangerous precedent for academic life in other countries.