Young European Federalists (JEF) Europe and AEGEE/European Students Forum Supports CEU

We call on you, the European Commission, to immediately engage with the Hungarian government, asking it to withdraw the amendments and to consult and negotiate with all the affected universities. It is essential that the European Commission does not let itself be outpaced by fast political moves and closely monitors the political situation in Hungary.

We call on the European Council to stop remaining observer and actively apply pressure on the Hungarian government for the withdrawal of the amendments.

The CEU has been the home to many JEF and AEGEE members. It is a university that delivers high-quality content in the Central-Eastern European region and offers high-reputation educational courses to thousands of students. This knowledge institution has proven to be of great value for Hungarian academic life as it has acquired an international reputation. Not only does it allow many students from the Visegrád countries to access higher education thanks to a dedicated scholarship programme, but it also plays an important role in including Central and Eastern European perspectives in the pan-European discourse. Throughout the years, it has contributed to the strengthening of democratic foundations of societies within the new Member States.