#IstandwithCEU’s Potential Twitter Reach Over 100 Million

More than 33000 tweets have been published either with the IstandwithCEU, #aCEUvalvagyok, or #LexCEU hashtags in two weeks on Twitter since news of legislation targeting CEU surfaced, according to a study by Milan Janosov, PhD student at CEU’s Center for Network Studies.

Janosov studied the daily potential reach on Twitter (product of the number of tweets and the followers of that tweeter) of the tweets containing the hashtags of #IstandwithCEU, #aCEUvalvagyok and #LexCEU over the past two weeks. During this period of time, more than 33,000 tweets have been published by 12,701 users, who have 30 million followers combined, and a total potential reach of more than 100 million. The graph shows the potential reach of the users who tweeted the first time that day with the hashtag, while those who had already tweeted are shown as blue.