ELTE Department of English Applied Linguistics Supports CEU

We, members of the School of English and American Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, were shocked to learn that the government of Hungary had submitted a bill to Parliament which would frustrate the operation of Central European University, a leading institution of higher education in Hungary. We express our strong disagreement with this measure by which the government so drastically interferes with the operation of an academic institution. Our colleagues have participated in several mutually beneficial and fruitful academic projects with CEU and, in addition to outstanding professionalism, they have found that CEU is a place of intellectual freedom devoid of any ideological influence or the influence of the political activities of its founder. CEU is an indispensable participant of Hungarian academia and an extremely valuable asset for our country. We are convinced that the interests of Hungary are best served if its government does everything in its power to improve the conditions of education and research, while respecting the academic freedom of researchers, professors and institutions.