IST Austria Supports CEU

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria opposes the new Hungarian legislation, which aims to bring the successful development of the Central European University in Budapest to an abrupt end. It is an unprecedented political move in Europe that will weaken Hungary’s international reputation in academia and beyond.

Any country seeking the prosperous development of its society is ill-advised to take such a step. History shows that a vital academic life is an indispensable element of societal fitness to overcome the challenges that face modern, democratic states.

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria urges the Hungarian government to reapproach the Hungarian parliament to rethink this political decision. Hungary and its academic institutions have contributed enormously to the global development of science and the humanities, and its government would be well-advised to make every effort not to lose momentum in this context. The Central European University has been an integral part of this effort.

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Klosterneuburg, April 13, 2017