University of Copenhagen Supports CEU

As prorector of The University of Copenhagen, I am writing to express solidarity with Central European University and to express the university's concern with the agreed legislative changes which will, assured, affect EU's status and thereby endanger the academic freedom vital for CEU's
continued operation in Hungary. We strongly urge the Hungarian government and the Hungarian Parliament
to take every possible measure to ensure that CEU will be able in the future to continue and to develop its activities in Budapest, for the sake of strengthening scientific research and higher education in Hungary and for
strengthening the link between Hungarian culture and European culture.
CEU is a valued member of the international academic community and its presence in Hungary has added to the reputation of Hungarian academic life on the international stage. The new law alters its statute of operation in
Hungary and would compromise its academic freedom and set a dangerous precedent for academic life in other countries.
We respectfully urge the government to withdraw the new law and enter consultation with CEU.

Yours sincerely,
Lykke Friis