The Great Markets of Budapest

May 2, 2017

Cooking can be therapeutic in the face of numerous deadlines. If you are anything like me, grocery shopping is an essential part of the week. Here are some of the “go to” places for groceries in Budapest.  

The supermarkets

Budapest, like any other major city, is crawling with supermarkets. If you’re living in the dormitory, then you’re familiar with Spar, Interspar, and Aldi. There are also other chains such as Tesco, Prima, and Lidl elsewhere in the city. These big supermarkets have a large selection of fruits and vegetables that naturally vary with the season. Most also have an impressive variety of cheese and honey. The prices in the different chains often vary. For instance, Aldi and Lidl are known for relatively cheap products.

The Great Market Hall

This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Budapest and the brochures are not exaggerating. There is almost every kind of fresh produce on offer, with an especially impressive variety of meat on the basement floor. Students who don't visit this gem are definitely missing out.

Cédrus Piac Vásárcsarnok:

This mall is a great alternative to supermarkets for people living in the dormitory. It is just a short walk from Örs vezér tere metro station, so you don’t have to carry your groceries far. You can find all the usual fruits and vegetables, as well as pickles, honey, cheese, and meat at the market. As with any farmers’ market, make sure to go early (before the afternoon) and also carry cash.

Szimpla Kert:

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, but yes the ruin bar turns into a farmers’ market on Sunday mornings. Szimpla has been hosting this extremely charming weekly market for the last few years, and you can find all types of local produce. If you’re lucky then there is also live music!

Although supermarkets are fine suppliers of grocery items, it might be much nicer to try out some of these markets for local produce with spring in the air. These are a few of the best, but there are plenty more if you just explore the city.

 by  Maisha Fairuz (ECON ’18, Bangladesh)