Taso Foundation Supports CEU

"Taso Foundation has been operating as Women’s Program Open Society Georgia Foundation for 6 years and 14 years as an independent women’s fund. Apart from grant-giving activity it has been working in the academic field such as oral histories. Till this moment Taso Foundation has published 12 books of Women’s oral histories which are of the high significance and importance for the researchers of social sciences. We are highlighting this fact because by the beginning of 2001 we had the huge encouragement and support in terms of methodological development of Women’s oral histories from Ms. Andrea Peto, the professor of Central European University, which has very strong school of oral history. This is just one example among many more, which describes the support of CEU even to those, who are not the students or the alumni of this University. Evidently, the contribution of alumni of CEU is crucially important in the democratic development of Georgia, as well as, is of highest significance for the post-soviet countries who have chosen the way of democratic development."