CEU Refutes Allegations Regarding Research Funding, Employment, And Taxes

Budapest, May 5, 2017 – Central European University (CEU) strongly refutes the false allegations published today in an article of a speculative and deceptive nature in Magyar Idok regarding the legality of university employment contracts, tax payments, and research funding. This is another scurrilous attack against a university that is proud to have complied with the Hungarian law for over 20 years and contributed significant amounts in taxes to the Hungarian state. This is extremely low-level journalism, with no factual basis. In reality, the facts are as follows:

  • All CEU employees working in Hungary, including Americans, have Hungarian employment contracts. 
  • CEU has 600 employees, according to its 2015 report, in contrast to Magyar Idok’s allegations
  • All CEU employees, including Americans, pay taxes as regulated by Hungarian law
  • CEU is audited regularly by an international auditing firm, which has always found CEU’s financial statements in order. The Hungarian tax authorities also regularly audit the university’s tax returns and related financial reports.
  • European Union-funded research projects are audited separately as regulated by the European Union and all reviewed projects at CEU have been found to comply fully with European Union as well as Hungarian regulations
  • CEU pays taxes and employment-related contributions (such as health and pension payments) after its employees as regulated by Hungarian law, at present, of over 5 billion forint per annum


COLLEEN SHARKEY | International Media Relations Manager

E-mail: sharkeyc@ceu.edu

Mobile: +36 30 916 2273