SPSS Computer Course Available for CEU Community

The Computer & Statistics Center hosts a free SPSS computer course for students, staff and faculty, in May. 


SPSS is regarded to be the most widely used statistical software in social sciences, and it has become a common tool also in other sciences (economics, biology etc.).

No advanced prior knowledge on statistics is required, all the needed concepts will be explained.

Classes are held in a computer lab where SPSS is available for CEU members. (Otherwise it is a paying software.) 

  • Schedule: May 22 – June 1,
    6 classes, each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 16.30-18.00, Green Lab (Okt. 12 building, 1st floor)
  • Requirements for pass:  minimum attendance - 5 days + assignment
  • Course outline
  • Further materials

Registration deadline: May 22, Monday  

Infosys/UIS is the official platform to register for our courses though not all CEU members have a UIS account.
To check whether you have an account, try to log in to UIS (only from within CEU network: https://infosys.ceu.hu/, login name: your general CEU Novell login name; default password: your 6 digit CEU ID card number) or contact directly the UIS Helpdesk: (36-1) 327-3000 / 2552 or support@infosys.ceu.hu. Those who don't have a UIS account can request one to be created.


It only takes a few steps to register for courses as a staff/faculty member.

1. Create a “Staff Member Attending Courses” account on Infosys

Log in to Infosys. Select the 'Visit Courses' option from the menu - this is the 1st step to get a student-like Staff Member Attending Courses account. After this you will be asked to re-login. Follow the instructions Infosys provides.

2. Log in as a student

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You can skip this page if you log in to Infosys with your student-like login name: this will be yourloginname.stud

3. Register for courses

When you are on the Student Interface, choose from the menu Academic >> Registration.

Computer Center’s courses have a course code starting with COMP + 4 digit number. You may find them right on the 1st page mixed with LANG courses. If you do not see them, scroll down and tick 'Also want to select classes from other departments' option in the last row of the page.

You will get a long list of all CEU courses grouped by departments in an alphabetical order. Scroll down till you find Computer Center's courses.

Click in the Add column on any of the courses - it will activate a scrolldown list. Select  'for Pass/Fail' at the course you want to take.

Click OK at the bottom of the page.