CEU Appreciates Support Shown at May 21 March

May 22, 2017

Yesterday several thousands of people marched in defense of academic freedom and free universities in the streets of Budapest, and parallel demonstrations were held in Hungarian cities including Szeged, as well as Cambridge, Barcelona, and other cities. CEU is deeply touched by the support. 

Mate Lengyel, research fellow at CEU's Department of Cognitive Science who also teaches computational neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, was among those who spoke at yesterday's demonstration.

"I'm proud to belong to the (research) community, and I'm grateful to the Nobel Prize winners who answer my emails within five minutes asking where they can sign a petition with hundreds of our colleagues; to Laszlo Lovasz, head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; and to the countless Hungarian academics, professors, and students, scientific organizations and schools that have supported CEU; to colleagues working at other Hungarian research institutes whom I ran into at the demonstrations in the past two weeks, who said it's the first time they've participated in a demonstration, because enough is enough, and in any case, to everyone who stood up for making this country a better place," Lengyel said. "That alone makes it worth being here, and living here. And if it's this good, we're staying."