CEU Welcome Afternoon Draws Record Number of Newly Accepted Students

This year’s CEU Welcome Afternoon, organized by the Student Recruitment Office for the ninth time on May 12, drew a record number of newly accepted students. Forty-two participants from about twenty countries attended the event, which offers a sneak peek into life at CEU before the new academic year begins, and many more joined in online.

The incoming class was greeted by CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff, who highlighted the unique diversity of the community and academic excellence as his favorite things about CEU. “Talk to fellow students, talk to professors, be demanding of them, get the answers to the questions that you have in your mind,” he encouraged the audience in his opening speech. “We would love to have you here.”

Visitors also had a chance to hear first-hand experiences of current students during the Q&A panel session. They talked about the academic environment, the workload awaiting the newcomers as well as life on campus and in Budapest. At the reception afterwards, participants had the opportunity to connect with future classmates, current students as well as staff and faculty, who also joined to welcome them to the CEU community.

The Student Recruitment Team wishes to thank faculty, staff and the panel of current students for representing their departments and helping make the event a success.