My Favorite Place at CEU

May 23, 2017

Central European University has a lot to offer, both in terms of academia and a great sense of community. However, there are some amazing things at CEU that go way beyond these two. We are all aware that CEU just inaugurated two state of the art facilities right in the heart of Budapest. Apart from the academically magnanimous library and smart lecture rooms, one of the most defining features of the new buildings is the 7th floor roof garden. 

The roof garden is such a beautiful attraction that I have personally had a difficult time staying in the library. The rooftop space is just too tempting a place not to spend countless hours there. One might delude themselves into thinking that they can take their work to the garden, however concentrating on work is no easy task with a 360 degree panoramic view of the extremely elaborate Budapest skyline right in front of you. Regardless, there are some strong academic souls who still manage to get work done up there. 

The roof garden is decorated with various plants that instantly refresh one’s mind; it has elegant lights that give it a cozy feel in the evening; and I cannot forget to mention the comfortable seating arrangements that aid in the process of stretching your legs. My personal favorite feature of the roof garden has to be the carefully placed grass patch which is perfect for quick naps or meditation.  

In my opinion, now that spring is here, the best time to visit the roof garden is at the end of your day, when the sun is about to dip behind the Buda hills. The company of a cup of coffee will suffice to help you unwind to head back to the library for another work session. Without any doubt, the roof garden is the place I relish the most at Central European University.

by Danish Ali Latif (POLS ’17, Pakistan)