Call for Artists in Academia

‘Art IN academia’ is envisaged as an artistic event consisting of an exhibition and possibly a series of performances targeting young scholars involved in academia on the levels of Master, PhD and Post-Doctoral research, who plan to pursue artistic career upon their graduation, strive to create art on a professional level while doing academia, or used to follow an artistic path but have chosen to devote themselves to academia exclusively.

The main objectives of ‘Art IN academia’ are the following:

-       display: it is not yet a well-known fact that many academics create art on a professional level. Doing art within academia often impacts their artwork; on the other hand, creation of art while being in academia is a challenge that is worth of public appreciation. ‘Art IN academia’ is intended to present the art created by young academics to a wider, non-academic audience, as well as to create recognition from the academic audience.

-       productive interaction between art and sciences: while art created within academia does not make a special kind of art, it definitely results in a number of interactions between art and sciences, philosophy, and public policy that range from scientifically inspired/informed art to interdisciplinary artistic practices. ‘Art IN academia’ will facilitate and promote such interactions.

-       possible impact on the artistic landscape of Budapest: the event will create a platform for dialogue between young academics and the local art community, thereby forging an idea of possible collaboration between both sides; it also has the potential to enrich the artistic scene in Budapest by introducing yet another possibility to do art and by suggesting new directions in socially engaged art.

-       opportunity to evolve as an artist while being in academia: the event will provide the academics, who aspire to do art, with an opportunity to develop further their artwork while being in academia thus avoiding long-term breaks, and help them get better chances to realize their artistic aspirations upon the completion of their programs.

-       professional networking and feedback: ‘Art IN academia’ is intended to create a ground for subsequent collaboration between artists, academics and those who strive to do art while being in academia, providing the participants with a professional feedback on their art and inspire local artists to redefine their artistic preferences by engaging into interdisciplinary practices. It might also help artists and young scholars to find the institutional support for new, non-conventional projects.

The link between the research practice of the participant and her/his art can be explicit (e.g., the artwork incorporates a segment of the participant’s research or draws on the data and/or discussions from sciences, philosophy, public policy etc.), implicit (e.g. the artwork is informed or inspired by a participant’s research and field of expertise), or absent (e.g. the artwork bears no relation to the participant’s research and field of expertise but is done at a professional level and is of remarkable quality). 

The scope of the event: the core participants are expected to be MA and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral researchers from CEU; however, young academics from other Hungarian institutions can be involved as well.

An exhibit and series of performances are planned to organize in Art Quarter Budapest in collaboration between the Art Quarter Budapest and Center of Art and Culture, CEU in Academic Year 2017/2018.

Artists willing to participate in this project should contact Kat Suryna, visual artist and doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy at CEU, at or the Center for Arts and Culture via