CEU Joins DARIAH as Cooperating Partner

The General Assembly of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) unanimously accepted CEU’s application, submitted by the Digital Humanities Initiative and the Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office to become a cooperating partner of DARIAH’s European network.

DARIAH is a pan-European infrastructure and network for arts and humanities scholars working with computational methods. It supports digital research as well as the teaching of digital research methods. It connects several hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities in 17 European countries, the DARIAH member countries. In addition, DARIAH has several cooperating partner institutions in non-member countries, and strong ties to many research projects across Europe. DARIAH partners provide digital tools and share data as well as know-how. They organize learning opportunities for digital research methods, like workshops and summer schools, and offer training materials for Digital Humanities.

In addition to participating in several of DARIAH’s working groups (such as the Text and Data Analytics group, and the Digital Methods and Practices Observatory), CEU anticipates acting as a regional mediator for DARIAH. CEU plays a particularly high-profile role in Central and Eastern Europe and has a strong international representation among its alumni network. The university’s Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) will draw on these ties to generate comprehensive map of where DH is happening in Central and Eastern Europe, create initiatives to build ties among these centers, and promote existing collaborations between DH actors in the region.