Did You See CEU's Talent at the Open Mic?

June 13, 2017

Did the end of the semester leave our energy drained? Did the pile of papers and assignments kill the creativity or passion of the CEU community? The answer is a resounding No! CEU came together for an “open mic” event on March 23 during the spring semester's de-stress week to have fun and let our hair down. The annual Open Mic is a fun event that brings together talented members of the CEU community, including current students, alumni, and staff. It was jointly hosted by the Student Union, Alumni Relations and Career Office, and the Student Leadership and Service Office, but the lead for organizing the event fell on us, the Alumni Scholarship Recipient (ASR) students.

Despite being towards the end of the semester, the air in the auditorium was charged with excitement. Performers were as eager as the organizers to showcase their talents. The MCs, Jillian and Otto, were simultaneously nervous and thrilled for the event to start. Their energy in front of a full auditorium was contagious even where I sat in the control room. The open mic was not only recorded but was live streamed on CEU's website for anyone who could not make it to the event. In that way, CEU does its best to cater to everyone’s needs.

The open mic featured some of CEU’s most talented singers, musicians, and dancers. There were a couple of dedications during the event, including a thoughtful contemporary dance performed for a friend, a poem to create awareness about hate speech, and a parody song for students who make teachers wait for their assignment. Jillian and Otto’s comic deliveries between the performances kept the audience captivated. Over 130 audience members voted in a live online poll to pick their favorite performance of the evening. The Policy Cycle Group from SPP won the audience choice award. The band performed a medley of songs from Sinatra to Sheeran. The event ended with a reception sponsored by the three hosting bodies.

The open mic witnessed a huge turnout to encourage the participants. It also recorded the most number of participants so far in its history. It will be hard to top it next year, but I'm sure the organizers, including the next cohort of ASRs, can pull it off.

 by Shwetha Nair (MESPOM ’18, India)